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Please Stop Freaking Out Over Trump
Okay, this Trump thing is getting out of hand.
It was funny for a while, now it's just depressing and cringey. Please, please stop freaking out over Trump being president. I know a lot of you don't support him, and you think he's morally repugnant or unqualified, but how is losing your collective shit going to solve anything?
Rioting does nothing but make more paperwork for the cops and makes people against Trump look bad. #Calexit isn't going to happen and if you think it will, then I'm sorry but I don't know what to say. The idea sounds solid on paper but the details do no hold water, much like California itself.
And let me say this: Nothing on social media matters, it doesn't. Never has nor ever will. Getting huffy on Twitter will just make Trump supporters giggle because we as a society have reduced ourselves to political internet trolling. 
Hillary lost, and that is what happened. You may not like it, and that is your right. But the reaction I've seen from otherwise reasonabl
:iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 2 6
Let Me Tell You About My New Laptop
I had to get my laptop replaced. My new laptop.  You see, the monitor just futzed out, for no particular reason. It just worked fine one second then it broke down. Just a black screen on bootup.
And let me tell you, HP's tech support are funny, funny people.  Thirty minutes of hold music that sounded like it played in the elevators of hell, I got to speak to a fella named "Ricky" who spoke like Apu from The Simpsons, I got put on hold ten more minutes, then some guy with a voice like George Costanza with a hormone imbalance kept telling me to remove the battery on a laptop without removable battery packs.
So I took it to the store, got it exchanged for another HP laptop, took it home and it got stolen.
Fun times were had...
I got on the phone with my insurance and the guy thought he was being cute because he said someone wanted an upgrade. So I said to him really nice: "I don't think you understood me, asshole.  It's a 200 dollar HP laptop running Windows 10. It's not an
:iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 0 0
The End of The Whole Mess by Bongwater-bandit The End of The Whole Mess :iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 2 3
30 Tips For Surviving Trump's America
Are you scared about the next four years? We're all scared. You'd have to be crazy not to be scared.
Don't worry, I got advice on how to weather this storm. Follow these simple tips and you'll be fine. I think...
1. Invest in gold. Gold cannot be deported, and isn't inflationary like the Peso.
2. Stay out of ponds at night. The frogs are not as they seem.
3. Take pictures of the moon before Trump burns his name onto it with a giant laser. Do it for posterity.
4. Pray to Harambe for forgiveness at least twice every day. His wrath is swift and inescapable.
5. It is recommended you paint your face orange. Convince them you are one of them.
6. If you voted for Hillary, leave the country before your shadow disappears. It will be too late then.
7. Those who donated to Hillary's campaign will be invited to her underwater city, Bernie Sanders supporters will not be allowed.
8. Do not make a pact with a demon to reverse the effects of the election. The forces of heaven and hell have conspired t
:iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 55 36
MM9 Style  Quint Sprites by Bongwater-bandit MM9 Style Quint Sprites :iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 14 4 Silent Hill Fan Art by Bongwater-bandit Silent Hill Fan Art :iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 1 0 Snes Cut Man for Icepony64 by Bongwater-bandit Snes Cut Man for Icepony64 :iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 6 1 Snes Bomb Man by Bongwater-bandit Snes Bomb Man :iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 5 0

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:icontemporal-paradoxes: :iconspritesart: :iconmegaman-united: :iconpixel-creations:
I've decided to get more serious about commissions.

I take US dollars, and Paypal is my preferred method. I will not take Bitcoin, and will not take Points outside of a few exceptions.



Sketch: $10.00

B/W: $25.00

Flat color: $35.00

Full color w/shading: $60.00

DIGITAL PIC OF MULTIPLE CHARACTERS(minimum 2 characters. For every character extra, please add five dollars)

Sketch: $15.00

B/W: $30.00

Flat Color: $45.00

Full color w/ shading: $70.00


B/W: $35.00

Full color: $60.00


Avatars: $5.00 

Single sprite (50x50): $2.00

Sprite sheet: $10.00

Image (100x100): $25.00

Stamps: $5.00


Pics of couples, Pets, Fursonas, Original characters, Caricatures, T-Shirt Designs, Fan art, Original art, Stamps, Logos, Game art(including fangames)


Explicit sexual content, Racist imagery, Extreme violent content

I'll write you a short story, contact me to negotiate a price.

Thank you.


Bongwater-bandit's Profile Picture
Jane Doe XIV, Esquire
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a humble digital artist. I enjoy movies about kung fu, books about astronauts, and food about meat

Favs with comments by KittiesGoShoot



Skype: Mmandator

Email: Ask me with a note :


Digital art
Sketch: $10.00

B/W: $25.00

Flat color: $35.00

Full color w/shading: $60.00

( For every character extra, please add five dollars)
Pixel Art
Avatars: $5.00 

Single sprite (50x50): $2.00

Sprite sheet: $10.00

Image (100x100): $25.00

Stamps: $5.00


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22 / 3,000
Donate to the "I need me a premium account" fund!

I will be very grateful, and significant donations will persuade me to do favors.

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